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  • Bonding the Water

    The newest addition to the National Electrical Code, made in the 2008 version, requires builders to bond the water to the equipotential bonding grid of the pool.

  • Electrical Resources

    680.26 Equipotential Bonding for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tub EC&M Magazine

  • On the Grid

    Grounding and bonding can be one of the most confusing parts of pool construction.

  • Step by Step

    It’s a simple idea — a series of risers that allow you to gradually enter and exit a pool.

  • On Firm Footing

    Whether creating a simple set of corner steps, or an intricate staircase that includes a sun shelf, adhere to these tips for proper construction.

  • Fire & Ice

    If you need an attention-getter in the backyard, you can’t do any better than a feature boasting fire and water.

  • Big & Beautiful

    Larger backyards can seem like an embarrassment of riches: Where most pool professionals have to work within tight constraints, a bigger space means the only limit is the designer’s imagination.

  • Broussard Associates, Clovis, Calif.

    When Bartell was hired to design this substantial backyard, there only existed a large swimming pool in the middle of the property with grass extending 3 feet back. Beyond that there was just dirt.

  • Gregory Lombardi Design Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

    The oddly shaped lot is wide near the house, with a narrow strip running to the back of the property line. Lombardi took advantage of this long piece of land by stacking the hard structures there — a pool, pool house and tennis court.

  • Architectural Design Concepts, Las Vegas, Nev.

    On this 3-acre lot, Pecoraro didn’t have the luxury of using high walls, structures or terracing to divide the space.