More stories about Design/Construction

  • Broussard Associates, Clovis, Calif.

    When Bartell was hired to design this substantial backyard, there only existed a large swimming pool in the middle of the property with grass extending 3 feet back. Beyond that there was just dirt.

  • Gregory Lombardi Design Inc., Cambridge, Mass.

    The oddly shaped lot is wide near the house, with a narrow strip running to the back of the property line. Lombardi took advantage of this long piece of land by stacking the hard structures there — a pool, pool house and tennis court.

  • Architectural Design Concepts, Las Vegas, Nev.

    On this 3-acre lot, Pecoraro didn’t have the luxury of using high walls, structures or terracing to divide the space.

  • Thuilot Associates, Berkeley, Calif.

    The combination of stone and metal is used for the waterfeature. A strip of Napa basalt accents the steel wall and spout.

  • Playing It Safe

    Pool safety is, of course, a huge concern throughout the industry.

  • Rethinking the Cure

    Ideally, homeowners would stay far away from an aquascape under construction.