More stories about Design/Construction

  • Choosing the Right Art

    When it comes to artwork, designers hold a variety of preferences. Some use three-dimensional drawing software while others prefer to create a perspective rendering

  • About Lifts

    Last year, the Americans with Disabilities Act was codified to spell out exactly what requirements public pools and spas need to meet in order to become compliant with the law

  • Added Support

    When installing a lift onto a deck measuring less than 4 inches thick, contractors must pour a concrete pad for extra support

  • Multi-Level Achievement

    Some jobs can’t be performed in the usual order.

  • Builder, Designer, Mediator

    Scott Cohen wasn’t optimistic.

  • Take My Wife, Please

    If selling was easy, everyone would do it.

  • Bridge to Everywhere

    With renovations becoming a larger piece of the total pool market, it only makes sense that pool builders would team up with landscape professionals to take them on.

  • Paving the Way

    Looking for a deck option that can ride out ground movement while offering stylistic flair?

  • Asked & Answered

    I have been told that low-voltage step lights can’t be used within 5 feet of the water’s edge.

  • A Fine Balance

    In today’s pool industry, every dig is critical. But in trying to get that signature on the dotted line, some sales professionals will push the limits of what they can promise and at what price.