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  • On the House?

    Some believe free estimates come with the territory of being a service technician, while others can’t imagine providing hard-earned knowledge without a charge.

  • Making Exceptions

    As a general rule, Jerry Wallace doesn’t believe in providing free estimates.

  • Under Oath

    The lure of expert witness work can be strong.

  • Using Discretion

    An expert witness is generally the type of person who enjoys sharing knowledge to create some kind of good, whether it be to win a case or educate others.

  • Cut in Stone

    Landscape architect Charles Hess prides himself on creating spaces that blend architecture with the natural environment.

  • Drawing the Dream

    A long-held belief of the ultra-high-end pool builder has been that hand-rendered perspective drawings were the most appropriate presentation tool one could use, not only to stand out from the competition, but also to give homeowners a better idea of how

  • Layering Effect

    Landscape designs are three-dimensional spaces, so in order for them to feel right, the foreground, middle ground and visual termination point must be utilized properly

  • Making the Connection

    Epoxy dowelling is a crucial aspect of many renovations

  • Winter of Our Discontent

    Among all the talk of a historically tough 2009, and hopes for 2010, one comment continually arises: “It seems like there should be more companies folding,” says Mike Geremia, president of Geremia Pools, a Pool & Spa News Top Builder in Sa

  • Delivering the Package

    In the last few years, package-pool installer Dan Lenz has become re-acquainted with some old friends