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  • Cracks

    When expertly administered, cracks add a powerful sense of motion and degradation to artificial rock formations

  • Coloration

    A successful project uses realistic staining, shadow and highlights to convey a powerful sense of aging

  • Rock Solid Principles

    Artificial rock artists share their techniques for forming, cracking and coloring the product for ultimate realism

  • For Those About to Rock

    This first of a two-part series discusses the methods and planning needed for forming artificial rock

  • The Hand-Sculpted Method of Artificial Rock

    This technique allows the replication of any type of rock

  • The Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Method

    The utilization of pre-manufactured panels makes this method installer-friendly

  • Planning and Engineering Artificial Rock Projects

    Designers should plan projects well in advance from the perspectives of aesthetics and construction alike

  • In the Mix

    Swimming pool gunite and shotcrete experts discuss the true differences in their processes

  • Going Commercial

    In making the transition from residential to commercial projects, too many contractors apply old methods

  • Water Jetting

    This method of prepping a surface for replastering requires large costs up front, but many say it’s worth the investment