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  • Event Planning

    Management at Lake Norman Pool and Spa in Statesville, N.C., took a risk in the neighborhood of $10,000-$12,000.

  • Not Your Average Hot Tub Delivery

    No-fuss backyard deliveries are the bread and butter of most hot tub dealers. But every once in a while, an installation comes along that makes it into the memory books.

  • Not Always a Man’s World

    Mom-and-pop stores have been the cornerstone of the pool and spa retail business for decades.

  • Top of Their Game

    While the hot tub market may not be as robust as in years past, plenty of spa dealers are still doing well.

  • Your Brand Here

    About 15 years ago, crews from Mt. Lake Pool & Patio in Doylestown, Pa., shot 450 yards of concrete in a single day. The work was part of a restoration project for a local pond.

  • Evolving the Brand

    A corporate brand should help build and establish a company’s identity. It should also be appropriate for a variety of different applications. 

  • Must Love Spas

    Jerry Pasley didn’t know much about hot tubs until he bought one for his young family to enjoy in 1986.

  • Virtual Education

    Pool and spa businesses have been buffeted by the economy, and while there are signs of a recovery, it’s not going to turn around overnight.

  • Paying the Price

    David Lionetti has made history.

  • In Their Own Backyard

    Concerns regarding the David Lionetti plea go beyond the particulars of the case.