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  • Staying Mainstream

    It’s true that more and more customers are asking for alternatives to traditional chlorine.

  • Online Retailers Pitch Partnerships

    The change seemed to happen almost overnight.

  • The Roadblocks

    Customers who might once have paid to have a certified pool tech install their equipment are now purchasing parts online, and often installing them incorrectly.

  • 5 Legal Considerations You Should Know About Employee Drug-Testing

    The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance says small businesses bear the greatest burden of substance abusers.

  • Facing the Obstacles

    Considering the intricacy of some pools built in the last decade, measuring and installing a safety cover can become a much more complex procedure than in the past.

  • Southern DisComfort

    The Southern states were hit later by the economic crisis than much of the country, but industry members below the Mason-Dixon Line say the decline has caught up.

  • Business Tip

    People seek out certain characteristics in a pool company ... a low price, good workmanship and strong customer service.

  • Exit Strategy

    The pool and spa market has taken a huge hit from the economy, and many business owners have given up on the idea of retiring, or even selling their companies for a profit.

  • Business Meeting

    Inherent in streamlining operations is maximizing your own expenditures

  • Lasting Cuts

    By no means was it a going-out-of-business event, but it did mark the company’s downsizing from three retail stores to two