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  • The State(s) of Licensing

    Brian Kelly knew the Florida Commercial Pool and Spa Exam wouldn’t be easy.

  • APSP Model Code Reaches Major Signpost

    A new model code being developed by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the International Code Council has passed the first of two sets of hearings.

  • Market Reacts to Recall

    As the industry scrambles to address the recently announced CPSC drain-cover recall, the ripple effects are starting to be felt.

  • New Connecticut Law Raises Licensing Issue

    Connecticut soon will be added to the number of states requiring a specific license for pool builders.

  • Saturation Calculation

    Whether the job involves starting up a brand-new plaster pool or maintaining chemistry in an old fiberglass vessel, pool professionals know that a proper understanding of water balance is essential.

  • SPEC Increases Outreach, Updates Website

    California industry lobbying group SPEC has implemented several new initiatives.

  • The ’80s

    The 1980s was a time of self-discovery for pool and spa professionals, as the freewheeling ’70s gave way to a more responsible industry.

  • The ’90s

    The 1990s were a decade of transition — not just for the pool and spa industry, but for the rest of the world, as well.

  • Education Roundup

    The 2011 Southwest Pool & Spa Show is big on training — so much so that most of the schedule is devoted to it

  • Arizona Prepares for Pump Law

    Industry groups across Arizona are educating their members about the state’s upcoming pool pump efficiency standards.