More stories about Projects

  • On the Road with Bryan Chrissan

    When I recently spent a hot summer day with Bryan Chrissan, owner of Clear Valley Pool and Spa in Murrieta, Calif., I thought I was prepared. Sunscreen: Check. Water bottles: Check.

  • Two-Sided Story

    View a stunning project that’s contemporary from one angle, traditional from another.

  • Ancient Pairing

    Witness a marriage of hot water and wind-hewn stone.

  • Pitch Perfect

    See how these three waterfalls sing in praise of lush color and light.

  • Seashore Serenity

    Green and gray glimpses frame an unfettered ocean view.

  • Industrial Revolution

    Check out how these master designers bend fire and iron to their will.

  • Sensual Curves

    Take a closer look at a wild, lush landscape that embraces a tranquil dream.

  • Custom Creation

    View how a difficult dream becomes spectacular reality.

  • High Drama

    See more of this perfect illusion cleaved from thin air and deep desire.

  • Hourglass Figure

    Saving two trees creates a shape to delight the senses.