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  • Cast Your Vote

    It’s no secret that many working Americans are frustrated with politicians who seem to know little about what their constituents need to stay afloat.

  • What Would You Do: Drain-Cover Recall

    Just before Memorial Day weekend, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that approximately one million drain covers were being recalled.

  • What Would You Do: Economy

    Saddled by crushing debt, high unemployment and a plummeting housing market, the U.S. economy has seen brighter days.

  • What Would You Do: Immigration

    Questions about immigration are fraught with confusion and contradiction.

  • Rolling with the Changes

    If this year’s Top 50 Builders list is any indication, the construction and renovation sides of the industry seem to be progressing in a new direction.

  • Holding the Line

    Since the Top 50 Builders list debuted nearly a decade ago, the industry has seen historic highs and lows.

  • A Life-Changer

    Richard Stevens didn’t know that a 1995 stay at a Holiday Inn would be the catalyst for a new chapter in his life.

  • The Protector

    “The one thing I was certain of when I was [a youth] was that I would never go into the insurance business,” said Ray Arouesty with a laugh.

  • The Winner’s Circle

    In 1999, Buzz Ghiz established the Paramount Advisory Committee Enterprise. Buzz’s mission was to assist his fellow pool companies with business practices to grow our industry.

  • Crediting Teamwork

    Too often in the pool and spa industry we see individuals taking sole credit for what is a group effort. Frequently, a spectacular end result may have very little to do with the pool contractor. That person may even end up with an award for something that was successful in spite of them, not...