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  • What’s Different About Your Company?

    As the industry picks up this year, it’s a good time to think about which of the Great Recession changes you should keep.

  • Plug in

    Debra discusses the importance of positivity to a manager and suggests a book to help develop this trait.

  • Jack LaLanne, Godfather of Fitness

    Jack LaLanne on fitness, spas and life

  • Stop Blaming the Internet

    There will always be a competitor with better pricing than you. You can’t stop them and complaining only makes it worse. You need to take action!

  • Stop Lashon Hara

    An ancient Jewish law provides valuable wisdom for business owners today.

  • A Lifesaving Message

    The message of National Water Safety Month reaches far beyond May every year.

  • A Coldwell Banker Tweet Draws Pool, Spa Fans

    When Coldwell Banker tweeted "Finish this statement: I wish my home had a ____," the response drew many pool and hot tub aficionados

  • A Total D.E.saster

    After an aggravating experience with a filter aid, a novice pool owner seeks professional help.

  • Energy Makes the World Go Around!

    The speed at which energy-efficient products are coming to the marketplace is astounding.

  • Code Update

    Clarifying some confusion over an Arizona law and an alert about a model pool and spa code in development.