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  • Arizona Secedes From APSP ‘Union’

    Arizona’s split from the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals is all but complete now that some of the biggest players in the Phoenix area are on board.

  • Fiesta del safety

    When the Phoenix Fire Department realized that one-third of the city’s drowning victims had Hispanic surnames, they decided to take action

  • Central Arizona Moves to Secede from APSP

    At a meeting held in August, the leadership of the Central Arizona Chapter of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals voted to break away from APSP and form a new organization.

  • Southwest Market In Question

    As the economy in parts of California and Arizona shows signs of softening, some builders question if 2006 pool sales will be as robust as years past.

  • The Artists: Michael Dollin, Sunni Jackson & John Quick

    When the professionals at Urban Earth Design took on the job of revamping this upscale Phoenix-area yard, they knew their work would have to serve a larger purpose.

  • A regulatory concern

    Manufacturers of fiberglass pools may be in for a surprise during their next factory inspection.

  • Phoenix APSP Considers Secession

    Unhappy with its funding and level of control, the Central Arizona Chapter of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals will decide at a meeting this month whether to secede from the national organization.

  • The Artist: Roger Soares II

    Roger Soares II’s clients wanted a pool, but their backyard would not comply.

  • The Artist: Steve Oliver

    To ring in the new millennium, a pair of art gallery owners in Paradise Valley, Ariz., hired Steve Oliver to create a backyard masterpiece.

  • 3 Paddock Pools

    Paddock Pools may well be the template on which building/retailing companies should be based.