More stories about Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ

  • Putting On a Show

    At 20 years old, Steve Barnes couldn’t have known that a supposedly casual activity would develop into a lifelong passion.

  • New Group Battles for MAP Enforcement

    A group of Arizona dealers lobbying for stricter enforcement of minimum advertised pricing policies has ramped up the fight.

  • Numbers to Watch

    Turn on any news channel, and you won’t be able to avoid the barrage of economic indicators

  • Grass-Roots Efforts Fail to Repeal Arizona Pump Law

    Grass-roots attempts to repeal a controversial energy law have failed to produce a conclusive vote in Arizona’s state legislature, leaving the measure on the books for now.

  • Palm Pilot

    Thirteen years ago, Eloy Sherlock and his partner, Bernard Zimring, sealed a deal for their pool-building firm by signing a contract on a paper napkin.

  • Arizona Dealers Push MAP Enforcement

    A group of pool and spa retailers, service technicians and builders in Arizona are banding together to call out manufacturers who fail to enforce their minimum advertised prices (MAP) online.

  • Renovation Investments Improve Arizona Commercial Pools

    An infusion of investment capital has breathed new life into pools at several Arizona apartment complexes and multifamily properties

  • Social Media Explosion

    Until 2011, Dolphin Pools & Spas in Phoenix relied heavily on print ads and used very little social media.

  • Large Pool and Spa Retailer Expands into Phoenix

    A growing player in the Southwestern retail scene is making a major push into one of the area’s largest pool markets.

  • Arizona Pump Law Poised for Repeal

    A controversial piece of energy legislation is on its way to being scrapped after less than two months on the books.