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  • Future Filtration

    The quest to create a filtration system that handles high flow rates and bather loads, filters the finest particles possible and stays unclogged with minimal maintenance has led to the development of some promising new technologies.

  • United They Stand

    A little over three years ago, Connecticut was preparing to adopt new energy regulations

  • Getting Energized

    Here in Florida, we’re not talking about the VGB Act anymore — we’re talking about our new energy code, which was based on the California code and is being implemented now.

  • The History of Concrete Pools: The People’s Pool

    When industry pioneer Philip Ilsley built the first gunite pool in 1940, he couldn’t have known that within four years a post-war economic boom would put the largest U.S. middle class in history at the feet of the new pool-construction industry.

  • Field Notes: Reminicing About Pool & Spa News’ Role in the Industry

    A 50th Anniversary Issue wouldn’t be complete without insights from the magazine’s former president, Nancy Field.

  • The History of Spas: Getting Back to Nature

    From the earliest times, soaking in hot water has been a central part of human culture.

  • California Commercial Codes In Works

    After several months of negotiations, the California pool and spa industry and government officials have overcome major roadblocks to passing an updated commercial construction code

  • Calif. Underground Economy Bill Vetoed

    On Sept. 30, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill written to curb illegal contracting in the pool and spa industry.

  • Court Backs Manufacturer’s Rep in Contract Dispute

    A jury has found in favor of a Southern California-based manufacturer’s representative in its breach-of-contract case against a maker of swimming pool cleaners.

  • The Path to Redemption

    Several years ago, the Texas legislature considered requiring fences around virtually every man-made body of water.