More stories about Colorado Springs, CO

  • Water World

    Underwater Connection's scuba program for vets is a life changer

  • Ozone, UV Sanitizers on the Rise

    Survey finds ozone rules residential, UV is commercial king

  • Pool Urination Study Causes Media Flurry

    A study that highlights the health risks of urine in swimming pools has received a lot of media attention -- much of it leaving out an important point

  • CPO Course Heads Overseas

    For the first time, NSPF will offer its CPO course in the United Kingdom

  • Inspectors and Safety

    The relationship between pool professionals and government officials has evolved post-Virginia Graeme Baker.

  • Colorado Springs Fires Cause Destruction, Displacement

    It started out ominously. The first call to a spa store netted a voicemail message that the road had been closed and the store evacuated.

  • Spa Sleuthing

    Ask a service technician what makes a spa different from a pool, and you’ll get a fairly predictable range of answers: Smaller size, warmer temperature, and the addition of jets and perhaps a blower.

  • Healthy Rivalry

    He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skills. Our antagonist is our helper.”