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  • Sweeps for Keeps

    Pool & Spa News takes a close look at automatic cleaners.

  • Techs and Drugs

    Dave Hawes has a long-tenured staff and a reputation for strict hiring standards. But 15 years ago, his company fell victim to an all-too-common problem — substance abuse in the workplace.

  • It Came From the ’60s

    Service wasn’t always such a cinch. Product improvements have made cleaning pools a much more efficient process.

  • Florida Gunite Company Sold at Auction

    One of Florida’s pioneers in gunite has announced his retirement and sold his company at auction

  • Historic Downturn Hits Fiberglass Manufacturers

    While some larger fiberglass-pool players have gone into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a smaller manufacturer quietly closed its doors in autumn 2009.

  • New Aboveground Brand Emerges From Acquisition

    Wilbar International continues to aggressively build its portfolio in the aboveground pool market

  • Taking the Power Back

    A portable spa decked out with hundreds of jets, an 80,000-BTU electric heater and a surround-sound LCD flat screen doesn’t exactly yell green.

  • A Smarter Kind of Clean

    Hydraulic design and filtration also have played a role in improved efficiency

  • IPSPE Boasts Strong Showing in Vegas

    Crowded classrooms and brisk booth traffic helped the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo complete another successful year in the face of economic uncertainty.

  • Prominent Firm Returns to Spa Market

    Another nationally recognized brand has re-entered the spa market after an unsuccessful venture with Living Water Products.