Other stories by Ben Thomas

  • Finding the Fault

    When it comes to spa service calls, one of the most common is a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that won’t stop tripping

  • Chemical Concerns

    Electrical issues aside, many of the most common spa troubles stem from failures to properly maintain the water’s chemistry.

  • The State of Salt

    Get a group of pool servicepeople together in a room, and the subject of salt chlorination will come up sooner or later

  • Proper Performance

    Just because salt chlorination is largely an automated process doesn’t mean it is maintenance-free.

  • Committed to Customers

    When it comes to building a successful company, satisfied customers are the single most important component

  • Automation Advances

    The job of the “pool guy” is changing rapidly.

  • Working Together

    As helpful as new technologies might be, a foolproof, all-in-one pool sanitation solution still hasn’t been invented yet.

  • It’s Been a Pleasure

    Two years ago, I walked into a meeting of a philosophy discussion group and found myself embroiled in a debate that changed my life.

  • Deadline Extended for ADA Compliance

    The Department of Justice has extended the date by which public pools and spas need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Grass-Roots Efforts Fail to Repeal Arizona Pump Law

    Grass-roots attempts to repeal a controversial energy law have failed to produce a conclusive vote in Arizona’s state legislature, leaving the measure on the books for now.