If you haven’t bought into the idea of using your smartphone or tablet to make your work life easier, you might want to reconsider, as apps keep entering the market to help users benefit more and more from their devices.
PSN looked for pool industry apps that can help service technicians and dealers when out and about. These apps tend to fall in one of three categories:

  • Catalogs and purchasing: Many manufacturers and distributors offer apps that help figure out what product is needed for a job, and some can be used to purchase the necessary parts and equipment.
  • Pool management: These apps assist in either managing the pools on a route or multiple techs in a business. They tend to be helpful with logging customer and work-order details.
  • Calculators: For those who don’t have the time or the confidence to perform the chemical calculations used to get pool water balanced, these apps will be helpful.

Product catalogs and purchasing

Bel-Aqua for Mobile

Updated earlier this year, the Bel-Aqua for Mobile app provides an on-the-go way for service techs to order new or replacement products from the distributor. Orders can be placed online any time of the day. Users can check product stock and availability, as well as track their shipments. Exploded product views and technical specifications are available. The mobile cart can also sync with the cart on the distributor’s website. The company’s entire catalog is available on the app. To aid in finding the appropriate products for the job, the app has been updated with a bar code scanner.
Details: Bel-Aqua Pool Supply Inc.; available for iOS and Android devices; free. SEE MORE: Products That Feature Apps

GLI Pool Products

This app is a catalog of GLI products for your smartphone. Users can find everything the company sells from pool covers and liners to robotic cleaners and safety fencing. The manufacturer can be contacted through the app for various purposes. Customer service and the company’s Cover Doctor program are available, brochures and product information can be requested, and the user can follow the company’s Facebook updates. Users also can take photos of GLI products and share them through the app. Instructional videos for installing and using the manufacturer’s products are available through the YouTube section of the app.
Details: GL International LLC; available for iOS and Android devices; free.

Hayward Omni Interactive Sales App

Released in May of this year, Hayward’s Omni Interactive Sales app was designed as a companion to the OmniLogic controller app. While it doesn’t cost anything, a login is required. To use the app, users have to be members of the manufacturer’s “Totally Hayward” partner program. On an iPad, the Sales app simulates a virtual backyard and hooks up with the OmniLogic controller app to demonstrate what controlling Hayward’s OmniLogic Automation System could look like for a consumer. It features virtual controls for waterfeatures and pool and spa equipment. While the app does offer a catalog of products that hook into the OmniLogic Automation System, it is a sales tool and does not have an ordering function.
Details: Hayward Pool Products; available for iOS devices; free.

Pentair Pool IQ

Designed as a sales tool specifically for pool service techs and dealers, Pentair’s Pool IQ for iPad offers users access to a selective product catalog and various calculators. The app, available since June of this year, currently focuses on three product categories: pool cleaners, variable-speed pumps and salt chlorine generators. Informative videos and schematic details for each integrated product are included. Future updates will add products, videos and other useful information. The app also features a calculator that pool pros can use to show the costs of running a pool with and without specific Pentair products. Additional calculators include residential pool pump energy savings, pool volume, and one that calculates salt requirements.
Details: Pentair Aquatic Systems; available for iPad; free.

If you haven’t bought into the idea of using your smartphone or tablet to make your work life easier, you may want to reconsider, as apps keep entering the market to help users benefit more and more from these devices.


Unicel’s app has been available since 2012, and is marketed toward service technicians and more hands-on homeowners. Unlike many product apps from manufacturers, Unicel doesn’t allow users to order new filters through its app. Instead, the app finds the nearest retailer who sells the needed filter. A cartridge replacement identification tool is available that details product type and dimensions. Users can track their pools to manage the filter-change history and set inspection alarms. Included in the app are instructional videos that cover troubleshooting the company’s filters and cleaning the cartridges.
Details: Unicel; available for iOS devices iOS 5.0 or newer; free.


My Pool Chart

This is geared more towards service companies with more than one tech, but there’s no reason a solo operation couldn’t use it. The app allows users to put customers in a list and track chemicals used, type of service jobs, and other information in drop-down lists. Customers can see the details of every service call on their pools through the app or in emails that it can send. Information can be edited via My Pool Chart’s website, which allows for adding customers, company logos, and techs from the office. While downloading the app is free, the service does have a charge. My Pool Chart’s website lists the cost at $1 per customer, per month.
Details: My Pool Chart; available for iOS and Android devices; free, though service requires monthly payments.

Pool Boy Pro

Pool Boy Pro is a pool tracker. Users can input multiple pools and their chemicals, volume, and filter details. Fastidious users can even set alerts for everything from lubricating o-rings and shocking the pool to simply checking the pump and cleaning out the skimmer. Calculators are available to help with chemical dosing. A parameter log with fields for pH, chlorine, alkalnity and a number of other factors is available. Tests can be graphed out over periods of a week, a month, six months or a year. For those who like to test before buying, there is $.99 Pool Boy Lite version, but it can only track one pool and features ads.
Details: Pool Boy; available for iOS devices; $2.99 upfront, then free to use.

PoolTrac Pro

This is one of the spendier ones. While the app itself is free, the service costs $40 per month. However, it offers several features. It can support up to 1,000 tracked pools and 1,000 users. The app has a chemical calculator in U.S. and metric units. Chemical testing can be graphed. Techs can log records that are emailed to the office and the customer with pictures. The app offers GPS tracking of employees on job sites and, on Android, NFC tags to verify employee locations. The company says that the data collected by the app is viewable in real time via a cloud back-up system.
Details: eGenesis2, LLC; available for iOS and Android devices; free, with $40 monthly service charge.


The Pool Calculator

All of the services that can be found on the website poolcalculator.com are available here. The app is designed to help users with their calculations when adjusting pool chemistry. Available calculators include chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, stabilizer, salt, borate, calcium saturation index and volume. Calculations can be displayed in U.S., metric or Imperial units. The app provides recommendations based on test results, pool volume and the user’s preferred chemicals. For those who need the occasional reminder, the app provides a basic pool chemistry dictionary. The website is free to use, so you can try it out before buying the app.
Details: pSiFlow Technology; available on iOS and Android; $4.99 (iOS), $2.99 (Android).

Pool Pal (Android version)

This is not to be confused with the Pool Pal for iOS devices, which comes from a different developer and costs $1.99. Pool Pal can track multiple pools for free chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardnress, stabilizer, salt, borates, water temperature, backwashing, combined chlorine, filter cleaning, flow, pressure and TDS. A volume calculator is included . The app displays the Langelier Saturation Index and the Calcite Saturation Index for current readings and goals. Math is done for the user and features the recommended chemical dosages.
Details: Pirate Loves Bacon; available on Android; free.