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In lieu of a column on the appropriate punishment for a University of Alabama fan accused of poisoning a cluster of historic oaks on the campus of rival Auburn, I give you scattered thoughts…

On the somewhat sports-related news front, German car company Mercedes-Benz has purchased the naming rights to New Orleans’ iconic Superdome.

Brilliant marketing move: What luxury automaker doesn’t want to be associated with a symbol of the worst disaster in U.S. history?

Wait, I think we’re onto something: Didn’t Mercedes buy Chrysler several years back?

Straight from the You’ve-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me file, the parent company of a budding restaurant chain has been sued by Hooters for allegedly stealing proprietary business information — basically trade secrets — related to its barely clothed all-female wait staff and casual dining fare, among other, um, sensitive material.

It seems several former Hooters executives abandoned ship this summer to frolic in the fertile pastures of La Cima Restaurants and its themed eateries, Twin Peaks.

As expected, the suits at Hooters (are they bright orange too?) aren’t taking matters lying down. Adding to the intrigue, both chains are based in Atlanta, which makes for a super spicy cross-town clash of titanic proportions.

First of all, I don’t think the words “Hooters” and “intellectual property” belong anywhere near the same sentence. And second, doesn’t it make more sense to drop the litigation and settle this in the spirit of the parties involved?

A winner-take-all game of Trivial Pursuit!

It was kept pretty quiet for obvious reasons, but last weekend marked the first live rock concert in Afghanistan in more than 30 years.

The Sound Central festival drew 500 or so revelers to the Babur Gardens, a normally quiet park that houses the tomb of the early Mughal emperor Babur.  

However, on this day they rocked the Casbah, as the show itself featured an assortment of indie, R&B, electronica and heavy metal acts.

Kinda like House of Blues, only with no alcohol and a break for prayer every 2 hours.

At any rate, it seems our Afghan brothers and sisters are eager to cast off the shackles of the previous Taliban regime, which prohibited everything from nail polish to Christmas cards.

And good for them, I say. Bring on the VCRs, satellites and television!

My only word of advice is this: In your embrace of Western culture, be wary of a certain reality TV family. Because in terms of media exposure, the Kardashians are like the neighborhood mongrel — feed them once and they’ll never leave.

You’ve been warned.