It's not yet time to unveil who made the Top 50 list, but we wanted to share some interesting trend-tracking information.

The Top 50 Builders list has been around a while now. We wanted to gauge industry growth in the last 10 years, but it wouldn’t make sense to simply track the total combined revenue for the entire total Top 50 from year to year for two reasons: First, the group has changed over the years, as would be expected; but also the qualifications for making the list have changed. For the first several years, it was based solely on revenue, but then we began taking other criteria into consideration.

Instead, we identified the companies that have made the list every year since at least 2005. Some were on it before, but we just were looking to go back 10 years. We tabulated that group's aggregate residential construction revenue year to year. This includes income generated from new residential construction plus renovation, as reported by the companies.

As can be seen and expected, the steep drop occurred from 2006 to 2009, and the group has more gradually, but steadily recovered. While some question whether the industry will ever reach that spike seen here in 2006, this group is within reach of the residential construction revenue it saw in 2005. Approximately another 15 percent will get them there.

The nine builders that have remained on the list since at least 2005 will be revealed in the upcoming Top 50 Builders issue. Stay tuned.