2. Pulliam Aquatech Pools

Debra Smith, President
Fort Worth, Texas


A simple gesture can go a long way toward making a customer feel special. Pay attention to your clients, know what they need, and give it to them. When people walk away feeling like their business was important, they tend to refer their friends.

Pulliam Aquatech Pools ensures that customers have a personalized experience by making sure they’re always talking to the same staff members. Sales designers, superintendents, and service technicians are each given a zone and assigned a customer base in that area. Debra Smith, president of Pulliam, says they’ve been doing this for 15 years and have noticed a difference in customer satisfaction.

The staff in each zone is taught to be upfront with customers, even if that means relaying bad news. “We don’t overpromise. We tell them, ‘You may hate me right now, but we can’t get out there for two days’. You may not like what we say, but we will never lie to you. Customers appreciate that,” says Debra Smith.

The builder goes a step further to show customers that the company cares about their safety when using the new pool. “As soon as the pool is plastered, we send them water watcher tags and a safety packet that explains water safety,” Smith says.

This approach has obviously paid off in customer recommendations. “Our sales consultant/designer took what we verbalized and came up with a design to present, and he nailed it,” says Pulliam clients Tom and Amy McNutt, in their survey. “Pulliam’s price was reasonable, and we felt like we got more for the money than what we were quoted with other companies. We honestly have no complaints about the entire process. Our construction supervisor kept everything moving along and even stopped by regularly on his way home to check on our pool. We really can’t say enough good things about our experience with Pulliam. We wish every company treated their customers like they do.”

Rena Goldman Rena Goldman

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