91 South Street
Danbury, CT 06810

Ed Nejame

Total residential construction revenue: $4,050,000

Number of pool excavations: 65

Number of locations: 1

Number of staff

Here at Nejame & Sons, we stand behind our name. We’re not interested in riding on other pool companies shirt-tails. Our primary objective is to support every pool we build or sell, with hard work and dedication, to the complete and total satisfaction of our customers. We really do turn water into backyard fun!

A name you can trust! Four generations, over 95 years and the Nejame family is still here at the same location!

Meet the Company's MVP

Marielys Castillo, Water Lab Manager
Customers adore Marielys due to her nurturing nature. She has been with Nejame & Sons since she was a teenager and has grown personal relationships with customers. She is always ready to help with any of their needs.

PSN Staff