The 2016 Top 50 Builders can do it all!

In an especially competitive year, these companies were judged according to the five wide-ranging criteria that point to the most well-rounded of contractors:

Total residential construction revenue (a combination of new construction and renovation income) is weighted most heavily in builders’ total scores.

This score was based on employee retention and quality of staff training. Because this is so important to a company’s success, it also held significant sway.

Industry Involvement
Companies that work together strengthen the whole industry. High marks were given to those that network and collaborate through associations, buyers groups and other organizations, both inside and outside the industry.

Web Presence
When firms make the most of ever-evolving digital platforms, they are positioned to move with the times. Here, scores reflect the design, usability and educational value of websites, as well as social media engagement.

Community involvement
Philanthropy and volunteerism added a small but important percentage to each builder’s score, in recognition of the importance citizenship holds.

While some categories counted more than others in the overall scoring, we consider this group to be the most well-rounded of the bunch. But we've broken down how companies did in the various categories and named the Top 10 in each. To view the various lists, click on the field above and choose from the pull-down list of charts.