53 Newberry Road
East Windsor, CT 06088

Ronald Giannamore

Pay to educate (your employees.) You might think: “What if I pay to educate them and they leave?” What’s worse is if you do not pay to educated them and they stay! —Ronald Giannamore

Total residential construction revenue: $4,566,000

Number of pool excavations: 51

Number of locations: 1

Number of staff: 55

Rank in previous years
2015: 7
2014: 18
2013: 18

Ronald Giannamore joined Aqua Pool & Patio in 1972 as a pool designer, after purchasing a pool from the company in 1970. By 1974, he was a partner in the business, and by 1980, he owned it. The family owned and operated firm is in its second generation of management.

Meet the Company's MVP

Debbie Callender, V.P. of Service/Sr. Service Manager
Each year, clients demand more and more attention for less money and expect miracles in a very limited period of time. Debbie not only manages these high-end clients amazingly well, but also oversees a staff of 22. In a company with many excellent employees, none compare to Debbie in her commitment to the firm's best interests.


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