Residential construction revenue constitutes one of the judging points for choosing PSN Top 50 Builders. However, as part of the application process, contractors also supply information about how many excavations they performed in the previous year, as well as average pool price.

Here, you can take a look at two interactive graphics that convey this information.

First comes a breakdown showing total revenue generated by this years Top 50, as well as what percentage of that revenue came from various types of work -- new residential construction, renovation, commercial construction, service and retail. Simply hover your cursor over each section of the pie chart to view percentages.

Additionally, enjoy the scatterplot graph, which shows each builder's total residential construction revenue, along with number of excavations performed in 2016. Each dot represents a Top 50 Builder, so hover your cursor over the individual dots to learn key information about the companies they represent. Click on one of the regional labels just below the chart to delete that region's builders from the scatterplot.

Top 50 Builder Activity in 2016

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