It could be argued that the National Plasterers Council couldn’t ask for a better leader at this juncture in its history than Edgar Sanchez.

The chief operations officer of Modern Method Gunite, Sanchez is leading the charge for his generation to one day own the company when his parents, Cesareo and Carmen, are ready to retire.

The NPC, too, has recently begun steering itself in a somewhat new direction in response to the economy. Completing his first year as chairman of the NPC, Sanchez is helping oversee the group as it implements a strategic plan set forth by the Board of Directors.

“What we were hoping to accomplish was to reset or redefine the direction,” Sanchez says. “We want to create a little bit more of a buzz, so that we’ll all be able to benefit from the uptick in the market, and vendors and different people who work with the organization will have something to be excited about. We needed to set the tone again.”

To survive the recession, many plastering firms have begun to diversify, performing multiple phases and taking on full remodels. To accommodate these redefined companies, NPC is looking to go in a similar direction. “As part of our strategic plan, we started addressing other needs in the industry, not just specific to plaster,” Sanchez says.

Now the group will begin branching out beyond plaster companies to attract other professionals such as service firms, tilers and even landscape specialists. And though courses at the National Plasterers Conference will continue to focus primarily on issues with interior surfaces, it also will include other topics key to updating an aquascape.

“The message we’re trying to get out is it’s not just for plasterers,” Sanchez says. “It’s about the overall backyard, whether it’s architecture for fountains, big commercial buildings or other areas. Our products are used in all these different environments.”