Baseball wasn't the only activity to receive its due attention at the National Baseball League's All-Star Game.

In fact, Master Pools Guild was able to leverage the game, which took place July 12 at San Diego's Petco Stadium, to spread its message about the joy of water, as well.

Through a partnership with Major League Baseball, an advertisement for the group was included in a significant token of the game. "We are excited to be included in the 'Official 2016 MLB All-Star Game Program,' " said Master Pools Executive Director Dick Covert.

The booklet was not only distributed at the game itself, but will be sold at stadiums and appeared at newsstands, bookstores and airports throughout the rest of the season . "It is a great way to speak to the consumer, especially families," Covert said.

This arrangement comes as part of the Richmond, Va.-based organization's continuing efforts to expose consumers to the benefits of pool and spa ownership. "It might seem out of the box to some, but we want to make sure everyone knows baseball and swimming are both family activities," said Teri Wiltshire, special project manager for Master Pools.