Its initial push for membership complete, the Southwest Pool & Spa Association is looking to the future.

Founded in 2006 as an alternative to APSP’s Central Arizona Chapter, SPSA leadership is bringing the group and message to the industry.

A primary vehicle will be the organization’s public Web site, set to launch in early spring.

“The more we can offer each other in terms of education, the better able we are to get the best information out to consumers, as well as the industry,” said John Mortensen, SPSA board member. “I think this Website will allow us to do that.”

The group, which as of late January numbered some 50 members, is backed by several large Phoenix-area builders. It consists of approximately 65 percent builders, 5 percent service technicians and the remaining 30 percent vendors, suppliers and associated service providers.

The new Web site’s goals are twofold: to promote the association and serve as an information clearinghouse for the industry at large.

A Frequently Asked Questions area will contain a message board for members to post queries for SPSA officials. Mortensen is optimistic that experts can provide quick responses, “perhaps a 24-hour turnaround.”

Other areas will contain a member list, information on pool chemistry, links to a variety of useful sites and a Q&A component.

“The hope is that [visitors] will have a good enough experience on our site that they will want to come back often and refer others,” Mortensen said.

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