Miracle Swimming For Adults recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary operating in its very own facility, which includes some unique features to help students conquer their fear of water.

Among them: An underwater fence spans the length of the pool's deep section giving fearful swimmers the confidence they need to learn how to float.

"Students can place their hands on the top and their feet on the bottom rail and gradually feel their bodies float up. The rail actually provides more assurance than a pool wall: When these adults let go of the pool’s coping, they are an arm’s length away from land," explained M. Ellen Dash, the organization's founder. "For someone deathly afraid in the water, that can feel like being in the middle of the ocean. The rail, on the other hand, allows them to experience buoyancy while keeping a chest-level grip on a secure structure."

The rail was installed as part of a $48,000 Kickstarter fundraiser to rehabilitate the pool.

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