In early October a broken light fixture sparked a fire in a warehouse used by the Clarksville, Ind. and Louisville locations of the pool supply chain store, Watson’s. According to Alan DeSpain, sales manager for the Clarkesville location, the fire started around 3:15 am on Saturday, October 3.  The warehouse, which sits behind the showroom for the Clarkesville store, was one of two on the 10 acre site.

The warehouses are divided down the middle by a concrete firewall, so the store only lost half of the building to the fire. However, the inventory in the untouched side was damaged by the smoke and heat of the fire.

“[The building] had two [doorways] there were in the firewall,” said DeSpain. “There hadn’t been doors on them in forever. Everything on the other half was lost to smoke damage or extreme heat. Every piece of merchandise that was in the entire warehouse was chalked up as a loss.”

Fortunately for Watson’s, no one was on site when the fire started, and the fire didn’t spread anywhere else. DeSpain said that the store was open at one in the afternoon the next day.

Apparently, it hasn’t affected sales at the stores too much, though DeSpain did note that the local news reported the fire as causing a total loss. A number of customers believed that the entire store had burned down because of it.

Currently, the store is still in clean up mode but DeSpain expects that the warehouse will be rebuilt and ready come spring of next year.

“You got to find the positive somewhere,” he said. “No one was injured and we can continue on with business. There’s two plusses right there.”