This is the first edition of my tech blog. In it, I’ll be discussing issues important to the service and technical side of the pool and spa industry.

Note that I said “discussing.” I’m not going to be doing all the talking here. I’ll be bringing up subjects I’ve heard about in my conversations with techs at shows and elsewhere. But I also want to hear from you, the service tech, on issues you care about.

So, if there’s a thorny service problem you can’t solve, let me know. It’s likely other techs are having the same problem. Got a suggestion for managing inventory or billing? Share it with me.

That’s not to say I’ll run everything I get. But my goal is to make this blog required reading for every pool service tech in the country, so if you’ve got a good idea, I want to hear about it. My email address is and my Twitter handle is @sstraehley.

Thanks for reading—and share a link to the blog with your friends in the business!