Last year, Master Pools Guild took on the cause of delivering clean, drinkable water to parts of the world that need it by joining with The Water Project, a nonprofit organization serving sub-Saharan Africa. Through its Casino Night at its annual Fall meeting and from taking contributions throughout the industry, the group raised more than $20,000 - enough to fund two wells in Sierra Leone. Both have been installed at schools, where they serve not only the children but also the surrounding communities. In addition to individual donations from Master Pools members, contributions came from Biolab, Hayward Pool Products, Zodiac Pool Systems, PoolCorp, Pentair Aquatic Systems, A&A Manufacturing, PebbleTech and Lonza.

"In a time when negativity seems to dominate so much of what we hear and see, it feels so good to know that our industry can and will reach out and make a difference," said Teri Wiltshire, special projects manager for Richmond, Va.-based Master Pools Guild.