There's more to training than simply showing an employee how to do a job. In fact, you actually can train your employees so that they help your business grow.

As Paul Winans explains in a recent column for REMODELING, you can benefit immensely by encouraging your employees to become more open and more inclined to offer input for your consideration. Doing so, however, requires a specific approach to training.

First, you should share your backstory, he suggests. Tell them why and how you started your business. Doing so, he says, will help them to understand how you think and illustrate some of your expectations.

"Simply by you doing that, at least one will step up a bit and be more likely to offer input," Winans writes.

Next, be inclusive. When explaining a process to an employee, be sure to offer the result you would like to achieve as well as how to achieve it. This act will engage the person in thinking about what he/she is doing and not just following an order.

"The way to look at it is you are teaching them how to fish, not giving them fish," he explains.

Finally, praise what you desire. When you see someone doing something good, let them know. But do it in front of others.

"Be specific about what you are praising, when it happened and why you are praising the person who did it," Winans adds.

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