It's not often that we see swimming pool retailers profiled by mainstream media. That's usually the job of Pool & Spa News. After all, Editor Linda Green has been featuring interesting swimming pool and spa personalities in her people profiles for years.

Recently, however, the Odessa American spoke with Kent Meet, owner of the Odessa, Texas-based retail store the Swim Shop for its Homegrown series.

Meek took over the family business last January after his father, Hollis, who founded the company in 1973, passed away.

“Dad built probably 200 pools, and he built his last one for himself in 1976,” Meek told the news agency. “There are a bunch of indoor and outdoor pools in this town, most of them 15 by 30 feet and seven or seven and a half feet deep. If you go any deeper, you hit rock.”

Find out what keeps Meek going, what it's like to run a pool business in his region and what his customers have to say about his work ethic.

As you will discover, Meek is a perfect example of the industry's hardworking members. Read More