Communications expert and consultant Kare Anderson has worked with everyone from scientists to sales associates on ways to convey a clear, compelling and business-generating message. She is also credited with developing dozens of successful cross-promotional campaigns.

Here, the former Wall Street Journal reporter and publisher of the Say It Better online magazine offers tips for getting that first cross-promotion started.

  • Print joint promotional messages on receipts
  • Drop one another’s flyers in shopping bags
  • Give a joint interview to local media
  • Pool mailing lists and send out a joint promotional postcard
  • Encourage staff to educate customers on how your partner’s products can be used with yours
  • Promote special offers for one another’s products on door hangers, posters, flyers or postcards
  • Co-produce an in-store event — a demonstration, celebrity appearance or free service, for example
  • Hold contests or raffles where prizes are contributed by your partner; then return the favor