Speedo is launching a new ad campaign that has some water safety experts on edge.

To promote its line of aquatic cross-training gear, the swimwear brand is conducting a sweeping marketing effort designed to inspire athletes to think of the pool as an "all-in-one fitness center."

Commercials featuring Olympians performing feats of Herculean strength under water will begin airing this summer.

Some are already calling for Speedo to cut the risky maneuvers from its marketing.

They take issue with depictions of athletes pumping iron while fully submerged and sprinting across the bottom of a pool floor while weighted down by heavy ball. Such exercises, they claim, could result in a shallow water blackout, a condition that has claimed the lives of several swimmers in recent years.

But some welcome the publicity, saying the ad, and Speedo's cross-training microsite which stocks more than 60 instructional videos, might encourage more people to hit the pool.

Plus, residential builders would be wise to capitalize on the water fitness trend.

"[T]his could potentially be a way to boost pool sales," said Laurie Batter, a marketing and PR consultant for the pool industry. "I can see personal trainers working with residential pool owners in the privacy of their own backyard."

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