I’ve had my eye on America’s Swimming Pool Company for a few years now and so was interested to see that one of their franchisees opened a retail store. This is notable for a couple of reasons. One, ASP is buying enough product these days to be getting plenty of love from manufacturers in terms of pricing. This will help them compete with Leslie’s and even the big boxes. But more than that, I’m wondering how long it will take before they cash in and to sell to private equity. No doubt CEO Stewart Vernon has a dance card full of all sorts of offers, but he may be waiting until the moment is exactly right. If (and when?) he does sell, it will be the first time that big investment money has entered the service industry in any meaningful way. Sure, Leslie’s has their share of that pie, but they’re known primarily for being in the retail space. In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching ASP grow. The company seems to be well run, and its presence is helping professionalize the entire industry.