Here’s a surprising statistic:Wikipedia, that most well-known of wikis, contains more than 3 million English-language articles.

On those, 50 percent of the edited changes are done by fewer than 600 people. According to wiki expert Peder Halseide, this is called the 90-9-1 principle.

“If there 1,000 users, for example, 900 users will just visit without making any changes,” he says.” Ninety people will actually edit the pages, and just 10 people will truly create content.” (You can get a more in-depth explanation of the principle at

For an Aquapedia user, the 90-9-1 principle could be a worrisome thing, as it seems like a few people have power over the bulk of the information.

However, as anyone can edit information at any time, content tends to remain pretty democratic, says Halseide.

“On Wikipedia, the biggest issue is usually whether the content is authoritative,” he notes. “It’is easy to vandalize information, especially with so many people on the sidelines, but there are generally more good people than bad in a wiki community. The people who care are likely to keep things honest.”


  • Deep Waters

The new Aquapedia wiki for the pool and spa industry gives fresh meaning to the term “group project.”


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