“Mobile technology has redefined how we live and work, with Apple’s iPod and iPhone breaking new ground.

By using applications, those who must travel for a living can find that their offices are as close as their back pockets. But is the pool and spa industry too specialized for this kind of portability?

The answer, luckily, is no — there are a number of apps designed to make your job as a pool and spa expert easier. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, check out these handy titles.

Insta-LINK Home Basic

Price: $6.99

Developer: LaMotte Co.

What it does: The new Insta-LINK App program allows Smartphone owners to photoscan an Insta-Test® 3 pool and spa test strip, eliminating the need to visually determine slight color variations. In seconds, the program will analyze the chlorine or bromine, pH and alkalinity concentrations in the water and rapidly return a treatment recommendation. The program has a manual entry option that allows the user to enter the test results from their test kit or any test strip by using a simple slide bar to select the test results. Included with the App is a history feature which stores previous test data along with a test results graphing feature. The Insta-LINK App can be downloaded from your Smartphone App store with the initial release for iPhone and iTouch owners. To learn more or view the Insta-LINK App demonstration video, go to www.lamotte.com/insta.

Pool Calculator

Price: $4.99

Developer: Jason Linhart

What it does: This app calculates swimming pool chemistry, telling you exactly how much of each chemical to add to keep the water in balance. More than just a fancy test strip, this app features recommended ranges for chlorine (FC), raising/lowering pH, total alkalinity (TA), calcium hardness (CH), stabilizer (CYA), salt, borate, and the calcium saturation index (CSI). Measurements are given in U.S., metric and imperial units.


Price: $5.99

Developer: pSiFlow Technology, Inc.

What it does: After capturing test strip results with the iPhone’s camera, this app uses image analysis to create customized treatment plans for water. (Manual entries using the iPod Touch also can be done.) Water treatment recommendations are based on Association of Pool & Spa Professionals guidelines, and the app will keep a history of treatment recommendations.

Saturation Index

Price: $3.99

Developer: InQ Mobile Apps LLC

What it does: Created specifically for pool technicians, pool facility managers and DIY pool owners, this app calculates the Langelier Saturation Index using National Swimming Pool Foundation calculations. The calculator itself can accommodate “what if” scenarios, and will be used in certified pool operator training classes.

Water Flow

Price: $4.99

Developer: InQ Mobile Apps LLC

What it does: This app was designed to help you properly manage the flow of water through pool, spa and pond filtration systems. Included are four calculators (approved by the National Swimming Pool Foundation) that can determine water flow turnover rate, flow rate, number of turnovers, and target turnover from different angles. Calculations can be shown in gallons per minute, liters per minute, and cubic meters per hour.

Pool Volume

Price: $5.99

Developer: InQ Mobile Apps LLC

What it does: Designed for pool and spa professionals, this app has calculators for determining water volume in five standard pool/spa shapes (rectangular, circular, oval, oblong and kidney), along with information on how to calculate water volume in unusually shaped pools and spas. Measurements are given in U.S. and metric units (with a +/- 5 percent deviation), and all calculators have been approved by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Plumbing Formulator

Price: $3.99

Developer: Multieducator Inc.

What it does: Developed originally for the plumbing industry, this app contains more than 60 formulas for calculations including the weight of different pipes, final temperature when two bodies of water are mixed, pipe expansion rates, radiant heat and heat loss, the area and volumes of different pipe shapes, pipe pressure, and water flow calculations.

Bonus Apps: Your Own iStorefront?

Does your business have its own app? If not, you may be missing out on a simple way to reach consumers looking for information and supplies. Take a look at these apps to see how some pool and spa industry professionals are reaching out across the digital divide.

Simply Swim

Price: Free

Developer: The Simply Group

What it does: This app connects users to an online retail swimwear and accessories store. Customers are able to browse through product details and images, and then place orders through their iPhone or iPod Touch. There’s a separate tab for news and special offers, and the app works in sync with the store’s Website ordering system.

American Pools & Spas

Price: Free

Developer: Personal Touch Assistant

What it does: This app leads consumers interested in building a new swimming pool, spa or backyard entertainment center through the first stages of the design process. Viewers can browse through photo galleries and find information on pool design, construction, standard and optional pool equipment, child safety and financing. In addition, the app allows for two-way communication between the company and the consumer.


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