Recognizing that the Great Recession was firmly behind them, the management at Georgia Spa Co. decided it was time to open the organization’s fourth store in November 2016.

The retailer opened its first store in Buford in 2004. Locations in Athens and Kennesaw followed, respectively, and the new facility is located in Alpharetta. It measures approximately 6,000 square feet, which is the same footprint as all of the other locations, except Athens.

Alpharetta became the chosen location thanks to the area’s high-income residents and new home developments.

The new store carries the same product mix as the other retail outlets, but it has a decidedly different look. Rather than sticking with the blue/green color palette of the other stores, the Alpharetta operation features natural tan colors and has more of a boutique look, said Josh Kemerling, general manager of Georgia Spa. Co. “I feel that we really got it right, ” said Kemerling. “Even competitors that have walked in, are just like, ‘wow!’”

The new look was inspired by Hot Spring, which offers retail visual design assistance to its dealers.

The fresh design, coupled with the high-income location and healthy economy has given Kemerling reason to believe that Alpharetta has the potential to eventually become the company’s No. 1 store.