Sprucing up the store and keeping the layout modern is a challenge in any retail environment. BioGuard and Lonza work to make this easier for its dealers by adding store consultation services to its incentives and making new décor eligible for purchase with the “dollars” or “points” dealers earn through the companies’ respective programs.

Each BioGuard dealer can tap into the resources of the BioGuard Store Design Program launched last year. This features a templated collection of design, technology and vendor services to help retailers develop stores that can compete. A store owner fills out some forms and is given a floor plan with recommendations for a revamp.

“A lot of it is budget-driven,” says Deirdre Gallagher, assistant marketing manager at Lawrenceville, Ga.-based BioLab. “The dealer is given a list of approved vendors by us.”

The dealer can buy the shelving, have the recommended graphics printed and otherwise execute the plan — and can submit a claim for co-op dollars.

At Lonza, the ClearFund program for dealers doesn’t just include incentive trips any longer. The Alpharetta, Ga.-based company widened the scope to cover market analysis, web design and store improvement projects.

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“In this world of digital and social media, it was imperative that we keep pace with the changing world of the small business owner and aid in finding effective solutions to their unique business needs,” says Jana Wright, senior marketing manager at Lonza. “These completely customizable tools are the most helpful in addressing the challenging competitive landscape our dealers encounter. Our goal is to help our dealers succeed by providing tools and knowledge that keeps them strong and relevant in their respective markets.”

Kirsplash Pools benefitted from the manufacturer’s expertise when seeking interior improvements. The store boasts lifestyle graphics above displays, at the counter and at the water-testing area.

“It basically brightened up our whole store and made it very pleasant to come in and visit us,” says Jeff Kirsch, owner of the Lake City, Fla.-based business. “That’s what we want. We want a pleasant atmosphere for the customers, and what they’re doing now is excellent.”