It’s no secret that a positive attitude can result in increased happiness and perhaps even a longer lifespan. But such an outlook can also result in a more pleasant business-selling experience, says Leslie Cunningham, business consultant and owner of Impact & Profits in Bozeman, Mont.

This expert, who also assisted Tom Walker with the sale of Mountain Hot Tub in Bozeman, recommends asking yourself the following questions to help lead you toward a more positive selling experience:

• What are your current beliefs about selling your business? Do you think that selling a business is always hard?

• What are your thoughts about the future? Do you believe that finding a buyer will be difficult? Do you worry that you won’t get a good financial offer?

• What’s your truth about the future? You may believe that things will be difficult in the future based on previous experience or someone else’s experience. However, the fact is that the future is unwritten and anything is possible.

• Since anything is possible, what’s that big vision that you want to commit to creating in your business? Is it finding a buyer who will offer a fair price? Having a smooth, simple business transaction?

Once you create a positive vision for the sale of your business, you’ll need to commit to taking actions that will help make that vision a reality, whether it be waiting for the right buyer or hiring the right intermediaries to assist with the sale. The result often is a smooth, efficient transaction that occurs relatively quickly.