The world's most expensive pool float is finally here! #FLOATY has taken its wildly popular rainbow unicorn pool float and amped up the glitter factor … as well as the price.

The Crystal Unicorn float is adorned with more than 10,000 waterproof Swarovski crystals that were affixed by hand to the mane, tail and horn of this mythical creature, according to Rebecca Hsu, head of social media for #FLOATY. The glittering crystals come in varying sizes and represent 14 different shades of the rainbow to complement the vibrant hues of the unicorn.

Creating such a masterpiece is no easy feat, so the pool float was completed in collaboration with one of Swarovski’s 39 authorized instructors. This ultimate homage to bling, summertime fun — and, well, rainbows — will set one lucky customer back $6,000.

That’s right. Just one. “There is only one and will only be one Crystal Unicorn in the entire world,” said Hsu.

But owning this work of art isn’t as simple as writing a check. #FLOATY has had requests to use the Crystal Unicorn for promotional purposes, but the company isn’t letting go of it quite yet. “Ultimately, we will ... pick who we would like to have the Unicorn,” said Hsu.

#FLOATY did not immediately respond to inquiries regarding the selection criteria, but whomever is chosen will be glad to know that that cash isn’t just going to be spent on a glossy exterior. #FLOATY products are made with a non-phthalate material that doesn’t release chemicals and toxins when they’re exposed to the hot sun. For more information, go to