The new Apple Watch 2 might just be the coolest new gadget to hit the market, and pool pros definitely will want to get their hands on one when they become available September 15 (with pre-orders kicking off September 9).

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the second generation watch is that it caters to swimmers. But the waterproof aspect of the device is appealing to more than just Katie Ledecky. Sure the watch can withstand depths up to 50m, making it a great tool for tracking performance in the pool or open water (just no scuba diving!), but it also means those working with water can benefit, too. Not only will you be able to remain connected and on schedule while also tracking your fitness, but you'll be worry free when testing the waters, so to speak. Whether you're in the service/maintenance side or specialize in construction, this watch will make your job easier. And you'll look hip and up to date while doing so.

Equally important is the emphasis on aquatics. Anything that promotes swimming as a healthy lifestyle activity is a plus for the industry, and if it's Apple setting the trend, the world will be following. Check out all of the features in the new Apple Wact Series 2.

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