The City of Fort Myers Beach put the kibosh on building elevated pools along the canal. So began a legal dispute that recently came to a close, with the builder getting a hefty settlement.

The town council voted 4 to 1 to pay Joe Orlandini $250,000 in damages.

Last year, the city issued permits allowing Orlandini to build several houses that featured elevated pools overlooking the waterfront. After completing one such structure, neighbors complained that the pool was obstructing their views. The city then voted to stop construction on the projects.

Orlandini sued.

He planned to build five houses featuring canal-facing pools. As part of the agreement, he'll now have to remove the existing pool.

Building pools at waterfront properties has proven problematic in parts of the country where builders have to contend with strict environmental guidelines. However, this case has more to do with preserving the view.

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