A lot of exciting changes are happening at Pool & Spa News.

First and foremost, we’ve launched our new website. What you see is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work involving a radical overhaul in the way we publish PSN. The wave of the future in publishing is carrying us further into the digital age, and we found that we needed new infrastructure to keep our figurative boat, not just afloat, but hale and hearty as the industry’s leading source of news and information. Our new content management system, which is what our website is based on, has some amazing capabilities that we’re eager to implement, and we’ve been in training for the past week to learn its intricacies. We know the effort will be well worth it, and we hope you agree.

I’m also pleased to announce that Erin Ansley, who most of you know as our products editor, has been promoted to online editor. While her new, expanded role will be more behind the scenes, she’ll continue to contribute to our news section during the transition.