BioNova, a New Jersey-based maker of natural swimming pools, continues its expansion across the U.S. having recently completed its first residential project on the West Coast, according to the Los Angeles Times.

California BioNova constructed the pool for a prominent Los Angeles restaurateur. It will be featured on Animal Planet's upcoming reality series "The Pool Master."

Blurring the lines between pool and pond is cause for concern among some in the industry. Critics charge that natural swimming pools lack the proper filtration mechanisms and chemical disinfectants that make conventional pools a safer swim.

BioNova, which is currently developing the nation's first natural swimming pool open to public, counters that its product is built to industry standards. The only difference: BioNova pools are cleansed through a biological, plant-based filtration system. That makes it drastically different from a pond that's simply large enough to swim in, a trend that both parties agree should be quashed.

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