Some products in the pool industry take up a lot of room in a showroom. Representational displays are a great way to show off large products while stretching limited floor space.

Dave Kramer, general manager of Knickerbocker Pools & Spas in Xenia, Ohio, offers the following example for automatic pool covers.

“Even with six retail locations, we have very limited square footage to show off our offerings. It may seem unlikely that one of our top products is something we don’t carry in-store, but we have a few tactics that work well for us.

“Display-wise, we have several four-sided Plexiglas boxes with pictures of pools we’ve built. These show the customers what an automatic cover actually looks like in the yard, fully opened and closed as well as partially opened.

“Some clients have even been so happy with their purchase that they volunteer to let us use photos of their pools for our cover display. I don’t take them up on their offers, but it’s nice to know they appreciate our work.”