Since our nation’s inception, there has been an ongoing debate regarding how much the government should intrude into individuals’ private lives. In this regard, “private” refers not only to one’s personal choices, but also the right to run a business free from undue regulations.

In this issue of Pool & Spa News, we look at that question as it relates to California’s Title 20 standard, and its long, twisted path through the world of portable spas. In this article , you will discover how and why the government has entered our backyards in a well-intentioned, but poorly thought-through, portable spa regulation.

Based on a small, single study, conducted with virtually no input from the industry, the state of California is on the brink of profoundly changing the way spas are manufactured.

Our article is a collaborative effort from Josh Keim, Katherine Wang and Jim Lakely. It’s written in the engaging style of Business Week, yet the story contains a level of detail specific to our industry that only the trade press can bring forth.

As Americans, we have to ask ourselves: Where does proper stewardship of our collective well-being become an overuse of bureaucracies in regulating our products?

In a small way, this article attempts to answer that question.