ConnectedYard, maker of the pHin Smart Water Care device, recently secured a pool industry heavyweight as an investor.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup announced that it will partner with Lonza, the pool treatment powerhouse that includes such brands as HTH, Leisure Time and Poolife, among others. As a result, pool and spa retailers will have an opportunity to sell the WiFi-enabled water monitor, which will fuel further sales of chemicals.

“When chemicals need to be replenished, the pHin app will drive consumers back to the same retailer where the unit was purchased,” said Christian Wichert, Lonza’s senior vice president for global water treatment in an email to PSN.

The device will also enable retailers to keep an eye on customers’ chemical levels remotely and track in-home inventory. It also has a service-on-demand feature, allowing customers to quickly connect with service pros.

The transaction came as ConnectYard completed its first significant round of venture capital financing. Between Lonza and other investors, ConnectedYard secured $7 million in funding.

“This funding will enable us to move quickly to scale our business to meet demand, futher invest in our innovative technology, and bring pHin to new markets around the world,” said Justin Miller, ConnectedYard co-founder and CEO, in a statement.