Concern for electrical safety has taken a strange turn in Brook Park, Ohio, where a family has been told to remove an aboveground swimming pool from its property or face legal action from the local electric company.

In the 1950s, the former owners of the home allowed Akron, Ohio-based First Energy an easement to put the wires overhead on the property. But six decades later, the current homeowners are being told to remove the pool because it poses a potential danger, according to a report by Cleveland 19 News. Video from the news outlet shows electrical wires hanging above the family pool.

According to First Energy’s consumer guidelines, the company doesn’t recommend having a pool under service drop or other electrical conductors. The guideline states, “Specifically, a swimming pool shall not be located within a minimum of 25 feet of the [utility’s] overhead conductors, measured horizontally from the edge of the pool, without written approval from the [utility].”

What’s strange about this particular story is that, according to Cleveland 19 News and MacDonald, she has been the only one told to remove the pool. An aerial view on Google Earth shows other neighbors with pools close to the wires.